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Selling a product once is an art in itself, but for businesses with an established client base, the skills required to develop an on going commercial relationship are different. So many weekly reports are filled with comments like "it didn't sell through", or "the dealers are reporting the market as very quiet", but is it actually your customers who are the weak link?

This course addresses the challenges of the visit your salesman makes the month after he did that great deal, and all the months that come after that.

It goes through most of the topics in the Effective Selling course, but concentrates on the issues that are pivotal to producing genuine partnerships with the customers down the line.

Attendees will have some existing sales knowledge and experience and will probably be ASM's, territory managers or similar. It sits between Effective Selling and Advanced Sales and Negotiation Techniques

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This course is a development from Effective Selling and whilst elements of the ES course will be touched upon, attendees should be well versed in the basic principle of the course.

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