We have developed and maintain a number of websites, usually for small businesses or organisations who do not have the time or facility to run it for themselves.

They are mostly static sites, but we can incorporate user interaction, or even a webstore if required. 

We use a platform base, which allows us to easily maintain and change the sites when required and minimises the amount of work required by the client.

At the outset, we will quote you a price for site design and construction, based on you being able to supply logos and pictures, and then a price for the annual maintenance of the site.

Unlike many providers, we do not charge you every time you want to change a name or sentence on the site. Your annual charge includes site maintenance (subject to fair use policy*), domain charges, web space charges and ongoing SEO.

*Fair use is normally around 1 hours of amendments per month, however if you need more than this, we will work out a scheme that suits you best. However much work you need on the site, you will always know what your annual charge will be.

  e-mail us at contact@isrconsulting.co.uk or call on T: 01494 445084, M: 07525 911894