Video is a well established communication tool, but with so much of it available, to be effective it needs to be engaging, concise and relevant. We have our own internal studio (ISR Productions) that works with you from script generation to final production to give you something that truly reflects what you are about and what you want to say.

We use a variety of styles, but pioneered the "hand drawn" effect, using a combination of drawings, animations and green screen work in 2012, and have produced variations on this theme for a number of clients, with excellent results.

Because we do virtually everything ourselves, we can produce effective videos at a fraction of the price you might be expecting.

The Proposition Film

It all starts with the script. You know how good your proposition is, but you live it and breathe it every day. You also know that if you just had the time to explain it to customers fully, they would get it as well, but unfortunately that's not the commercial world we live in.

Before we so much as format your logo for film therefore, we will sit down with you and ask a series of questions that will help us to understand the essence of what you want to get across.

From there, we'll guide you through what you need to say and (often more importantly) what you don't, to provide a concise, engaging and professional communication. 

We'll give you draft scripts and voice overs at every stage until you're completely happy.

Oakfurnitureland's Dining Set Builder video was made to explain and enhance an innovative and unique web site tool using animation, green screen filming and product imagery.

To see the dining set builder, click here  

In a highly competitive retail environment, ensuring that your customers have a clear understanding of your offer is critical. It was immediately apparent from our initial discussions that Ian completely got what we are about and what we wanted our customers to know and he worked closely with us to develop a script and storyboard that reflected exactly that. ISR then produced an engaging, informative and original piece that got across our USP in under 2 minutes.

We have since used ISR to provide in-store information videos, staff training films and in the production of TV adverts with equally strong results. 

Terry King. COO of Oakfurnitureland 


 How much does it cost?

Cost depends on what's involved in the film of course, but we have worked with budgets from £1,000 up to full TV ad productions. Whatever you need, we will agree a budget with you in advance and design a film that works for you.


 How long does it take?

Typically it takes a couple of weeks to get to a final script from the initial meetings, and then around 4-6 weeks to complete the production process, subject to getting your approvals and amendments as we go through. 

 Can I be in it?

Of course you can. We can seamlessly integrate animation and live film, and even have you interact with the animations. On internal communications, or employee induction films, this is often a great way to add impact. 

Technip Umbilical Systems operate in a detailed market, where everyone claims to be the best. This film was about establishing their genuine pedigree to customers beyond any doubt.

 The 'Manifesto' Film

What do you do and why are you better at it than the competition? These are the 2 key questions that you want customers to understand when they first encounter you, but too often it's a long story.

We will spend however long it takes with you, getting to fully understand the message you want to get across, and then produce two minutes or so of highly engaging content that leaves potential clients in no doubt what you stand for. 

 The B2B world of heavy engineering is a difficult place to get across why you are different. ISR not only got it across, they helped us to define it.

David Davies  VP  Technip Umbilical Systems  

 A New Concept

When you are launching a new concept there is a lot to explain at both broad and detailed levels. A well constructed introduction video can enable you to start the presentation with a simple "Watch this". 

With the ethos and philosophy of your idea now understood, you can drill down to the commercial details and benefits much more quickly.

As with all our projects, it is the time we spend getting your message right that makes the film such an effective tool. 

The Doro Experience was many years in the making, but by taking the time to fully understand our goals and imaginative and intelligent scripting, Ian captured its essence in 2 mins of highly engaging video. 

Chris Millington MD Doro UK 

The Doro Experience film was used to support the launch of a new cloud based communication system targeted specifically at a less technically experienced market (seniors).

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