About ISR

ISR Consulting was set up in 2012 by Ian Murdoch and in 4 years has established a wide ranging client base and a powerful network of specialist consultants in marketing and strategic HR. With many years of experience in market leading multi-national companies, we understand the need for and needs of commercial and B2B marketing, but we don't believe that it is a dark art that should cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We start from the premise that our clients, and our client's clients, are intelligent, rational and will respond to effective messaging. Our first priority however is to understand your business and your message as well as you do. We're here to help you do business, not show you how clever we are.

Commercial Terms

At the start of a project, however big or small, we will quote you a price. This will normally be based on a daily rate x how long we think the project will take. Unless you significantly change the scope of the project, the price will be the one we quoted you. If it takes longer, the price stays the same, but if it takes less time than thought, your bill will come down accordingly.

Ian Murdoch was Pioneer's mobile entertainment General Manager for four years before taking on the role of Sales and Marketing Director for Dension Audio Systems in 2007. An outstanding negotiator in his own right, winning supply contracts with Halfords, Aston Martin and Volkswagen among others, he  feels his greatest achievements surround the development of the senior managers that worked with him.

Ian's marketing activities at Pioneer and Dension led to him being regarded as one of the car audio industry's most influential figures

e-mail us at contact@isrconsulting.co.uk or call on T: 01494 445084, M: 07525 911894